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Healing with music.

The universal language
of music uniting us all.

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 Music of the Numbers
by Graham Greene

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Music of the Numbers - Graham Greene


Track List

1. C - Cetacean Reflections
2. D - Under the Canopy
3. E - Cathedral Sky
4. F - Water Garden
5. G - Dewdrop Dance
6. A - Rainforest Morning
7. B - Dreams in Jasper
Bonus track - Interlude

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New-age ambient relaxation and meditation music.

Seven tracks of ambient music corresponding to the seven major keys, and their ruling number(s) in numerology. 
Combining the sounds of nature to soothe, inspire and enlighten through rhythm and sound,
Music of the Numbers will help to re-align the seven Chakras and reconnect you with your inner world of peace.

Ruling Numbers & Keys
1 & 8 - Key of C, 2 & 9 - Key of D, 3 - Key of E, 4 - Key of F, 5 - Key of G, 6 - Key of A, 7 - Key of B.

Recorded and mixed in The Inspiration Room, Perth
Written, produced and engineered by Graham Greene
Electric and acoustic guitars, Keyboards, Soundscaping by Graham Greene
Album concept by Betty Weir
Cover art by Donna Greene


Amethyst Cove and Greenehouse Productions.

The path to sound as a healing vehicle begins within the self. By exploring deep inside ourself, we can easily tap into our own ancient mysteries, unfelt feelings, and creative energies through the use of sound.

That sound may come out in the form of "unchained melodies", improvisational "noise" or cries of an infant unborn, but by paying attention to the sounds a particular wave of energy within our body wishes to make, we can create a truly healing process for ourself, and eventually, for others.

This process requires a certain degree of trust and release of inhibition, yet that doubt or inhibition itself is a form of fear keeping our creative, expressive powers at bay.

Whatever form of release we wish to use, the nature of healing and empowerment is to release the fear or limiting process within the self, and walk into the creative impulse resonating deep within our seat of being.

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